Chocolate Tasting

Some number of years ago, about 6, I guess, my husband and I decided to do a chocolate tasting of various single-origin chocolates from 4 different producers. We discussed our opinions and then agreed on a rating of each chocolate on a scale of 1-10. I've been holding onto the piece of paper upon which we recorded our ratings for all these years, and it gets moved from place to place in our house, never to be discarded lest I forget our ratings and have to start all over again. Wait a minute, that's not a bad idea, is it?!?!

I've decided it's time to stop shuffling this little piece of paper around, and record these ratings somewhere more permanent. Now you can all benefit from our little experiment and perhaps sample some of these goodies for yourself!

Valrhona 2003 Ampamakia (Madagascar) ---- 4
Valrhona 2003 Gran Couva (Trinidad) ---- 5
Valrhona 2003 Chuao (Venezuela) ---- 7
Amadei Ecuador ---- 6
Amadei Grenada ---- 6
Amadei Jamaica ---- 7
Amadei Madagascar ---- 7.5
Amadei Trinidad ---- 8 (tasting note: tabacco flavors)
Amadei Venezuela ---- 8
Amadei Porcelana ---- 8
Michel Cluizel Concepcion (Venezuela) ---- <7
Michel Cluizel Los Ancones (Santa Domingo) ---- 6.5
Michel Cluizel Tamarina (Sao Tome) ---- 6/7 (we agreed to disagree on this one! - I liked it better)
Michel Cluizel Mangaro (Madagascar) ---- 7
Domori Puertofino (Venezuela) ---- 8.5
Domori Puertomar (Venezuela) ---- 9
Domori Porcelana (Venezuela) ---- 9.5

Makes me want to go pick up some bars of Domori!!! :-D